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From Nasty

Don't have a chance of selling your home in it's current condition? No problem, don't fix a thing we buy your home AS-IS !!!


To Nice-We buy them all

Is your home in great shape and you just want out NOW, we will offer a fair price with no hidden charges. The offer we make you will be CASH in your pocket at closing.

Reasons to Use Our Home Buying Service

Poor condition=Home will not qualify for Buyers Loan                      Outstanding Liens and Judgements?                                               Back Taxes=Tax Lien Due?                                                          Divorce? I just need to get out NOW!                                            Reloacation?                                                                                 Problem renter? Tired of dealing with it?                                          Estate Sale? Relative left you a home=Turn it into cash!                         I want cash NOW!                                                                                                                                                                                           Traditional sales-                                                                      Marketing of the home,waiting for a contract, Negotiating the contract, waiting for an inspection report, making lender required repairs, waiting for a mortgage approval,waiting for title insurance,Dealyed closing due to Mortgage failure and now you have to start over and find a new buyer! These are all issues that you may encounter with a traditional home sale that could cause delays getting your cash and moving, plus the stress involved with dealing with the transaction.  1 in 3 contracts delay or cancel: copy and paste link               

Contact Us







Get your cash in 14 days!

Give us a call​  772-263-6300

We come to your house

We make you an offer​

We sign a contract

We close in 14 days or less

You get your CASH!

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